Krishna’s Charan Kamal Geet
Krishna the bluish boy playing flute*~
Krishna is God believe it or not~
Must be Krishna~
Let chanting grow~
Prasadam and Chirnamrit~ [Version 1]
Prasadam and Chirnamrit~ [Version 2]
The twelve days O’Krishna~
We love you, O’Radha Krishna~
I want to play with Blue Kanha~
I want to pray with GoraChander~
The holy sight turns hearts so bright~
Krishna Krishna, how I wonder who you are~
Hare Krishna Bol~
It’s the most wonderful name to share {Version 1}~
It’s the most wonderful name to cheer {Version 2}~
O’Kanha, please stay for a while~
Singing always Hare Krishna~
Krishna looks so attractive~
Awed in Lord Krishna’s Smile ~

Artwork courtesy of The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc. Used with Permission

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