All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Sadhu Sangha. All glories to merciful Vaishnavas and to their wonderful services.This website is dedicated to Vaishnavas who inspire, motivate and many many times elevate anyone and everyone they meet and greet.

They love to share the most treasured, most pleasured and most desired of all things found and sought in this material world and that in spiritual realm. To begin this effort, we seek blessings from each and every Vaishnava and pray that we be blessed in our humble effort to share the feelings that have been inspired by the invaluable association of devotees and their efforts. Truly we feel that these are the elevated souls who have crossed our paths and have imprinted a deep impression on our mind, body and soul.

Since it is very easy to get caught in the net of material energy and false ego, we have compiled a small poem; so, we could begin our efforts with full dedication and devotion. We read this just to avoid any influence of false ego on us.

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Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare / Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare

~Shan't be proud~

For we enjoy being {Lord Sri Krishna�s} servant;
We shan't be proud,
For we are blessed by Krishna;
to be led by his crowd. (Vaishnava/devotees)

We shall enjoy more with sincerity;
the blessings that we get,
Let go off arrogant past;
but lest not forget.

Things look bright up ahead;
We know this at heart,
Krishna loves us all;
Let not the thought depart.

For it comes with great fortune;
thank him for allowing to be his servant,
Stay humble as he bestow his blessings;
don't let pride lead to repent.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare /
Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare

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List of Poems
Composed By: Anju and Jai Singhal

Lord Chaitanya and associates� pastimes
Chanting Mahamantra Haridasa Thakur leads our way~
[Naamacharya] Haridasa Thakur bestow your blessings upon me~
NamaAcharya Haridasa Thakur � the Nitya-Mukta~
Jaghai and Madhai~
Yamraj asked about Jagai and Madhai~
Here comes Chaitanya MahaPrabhu~
Lord Chaitanya in Jharikhanda Forest~
Lord Chaitanya goes to Vrindavana~

Lord Sri Krishna�s pastimes
Krishna Krishna~
Flowers lost in sweet ecstasy~
Gopi tricking Kanha~
Ma, Balraama is a cheat~
Krishna loves to turn our heads~
Who can catch Krishna once he runs~
One, Two, How Krishna Grew~
Sweet Pastimes In Goloka Vrindavana~
Krishna�s mystical pastimes in Goloka~
DoorKeeper [Jai]~
DoorKeeper [Vijay]~

Bhagavat Gita and Bhagavatam pastimes
Vishad Yoga~ {Bhagavad Gita - Ch 1}~
Contents of Gita Summarized~ {Bhagavad Gita - Ch 2}~
Karma Yoga~ {Bhagavad Gita - Chapter 3}~

Krishna�s Charan Kamal Geet
Krishna the bluish boy playing flute*~
Krishna is God, believe it or not~
Must be Krishna~
Let chanting grow~
Prasadam and Chirnamrit~ [Version 1]
Prasadam and Chirnamrit~ [Version 2]
The twelve days O�Krishna~
We love you, O�Radha Krishna~
I want to play with Blue Kanha~
I want to pray with GoraChander~
The holy sight turns hearts so bright~
Krishna Krishna, how I wonder who you are~
Hare Krishna Bol~
It�s the most wonderful name to share {Version 1}~
It�s the most wonderful name to cheer {Version 2}~
O�Kanha, please stay for a while~
Singing always Hare Krishna~
Krishna looks so attractive~
Awed in Lord Krishna�s Smile ~

Kids games with Singalongs
Lord Krishna of Goloka Vrindavana {3 Games}
Circle Game Song~

Clap Clap for Krishna~
Krishna Calls to KrishnaLand, Devotees Gather~
Follow the Guru~
A-Walking {Musical Chair Game}~
One, Two, Take off my shoe~
Go Mayapur~
The twelve days O�Krishna, my mother caught on me~
Teeny Tiny Kanha~ [Version 1]
Teeny Tiny Kanha~ [Version 2]
Teeny Tiny Kanha~ [Version 3]
Teeny Tiny Kanha~ [Version 4]

Tale of a "Being" untold~ [Why Krishna formed the Varnas]
Krishna, I wanna come home~
Dear Krishna~
No soul to spare~
Don't be a Race-Car Driver~

Prabhupada and Vaishnava Acharyas' pastimes
Srila Prabhupada Came to West~
Srila Prabhupada Came~
Guru's Instructions~

Motivational and Mutation promoting Songs
Chanting Chanting Hare Krishna~

Prasadam Prayers

Harinama Sankirtan and Shastra Yajna {Books distribution}
O�Lord Nitayananda blessings bestow [Version 1]~
O�Lord Nitayananda blessings bestow [Version 2]~
A Harinama we will go~
Away out in the spiritual land~
Chanting Chanting Hare Krishna~
Let Chanting Grow~
Sweet tales unfold~
Gather Around~
Knock every door~
Gift most rare~
Costliest Treasures we bring~
Sri Krishna�s Mercy~
KrishnaLand~[Version 2]
Goloka Dham is here~

Vaishnava�s Attire {Observation}~

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