Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare / Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare
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~Flowers lost in sweet ecstasy~

Runs Baby Kanha, see Ma’Yashoda in sight;
Scared and panicked he looks, filled with fright,
"What pastime is this?", think all flowers might,
Held in Ma’Yashoda’s hair, watch from height.

Oh! Ma Yashoda chasing Krishna to scold,
What a sight some flowers think behold,
Don’t want to be part of this offense, so bold,
Loosen they fell, avoid further offenses in cold.

Aha! How seeing Ma’Yashoda Krishna flee!
Lest we slow her down with our weight, let’s spree,
Let’s set her from our burden free,
Jump down so she can run faster, flowers some glee!

What sweet ecstasy is this, some wonder!
What sweet pastimes have we just ponder,
Runs Kanha from Ma’Yashoda as chased by thunder;
Blossom some fell, sweetly dipped, down under!

Wow! How scared from Ma’Yashoda Krishna fled,
Such pure devotion pulling him with love-thread,
Let us touch her lotus feet, leave from head,
Fell down to ground as flowers spread!

Krishna is our love, we so adore,
Let’s catch him before Ma’Yashoda can score,
Break thru the ties, fall forward as we tore,
Let’s catch him than Ma’Yashoda does before!

Look at this naughty Kanha, troubles a lot,
How he takes butter and breaks the pot,
He needs a nice treatment, treatment well sought,
In mood of Ma’Yashoda, some reciprocate to play plot!

Ah! How our supreme Lord runs in a heartbeat,
Let’s warn him as she gets closer in heat,
We break off the ties, leave their seat, jump, some fleet!
Warn our lord, before she catches him and defeat!

Behold! What a sight, so very rare,
We never seen of our Lord scared, in fear!
Mesmerized by this sweet pastime witness we, so dear,
Lost in the moment, some fell here, some fell there!

Artwork courtesy of The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc.
www.Krishna.com. Used with Permission

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