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~Jaghai and Madhai~

Jaghai and Madhai brought down the hell;
With compassion Nitai came trailing after.
( To follow the traces or scent of, as in
the track of their past misdeeds)
Madhai came down and broke his crown,
And blood came oozing after.
(Madhai threw claypot as he abused,
causing Nitai's devine head to bleed)

Up Mahaprabhu got and down he trot
Call Surdashan rose as hope taper;
(Grim looked the chances to deliver
Jagai and Madhai)
Jagai begged filled with remose;
Maghai too fell on the feet of master.

Nitai begged Gaura to have mercy
and win them as the love-imparter;
(as Lord Chaitanya is Most Merciful incarnation)
Not to show wrath and let go,
For love seeks supreme after.

Then Gaura Nitai smiled on them
to seek their shelter they came,
They lovingly forgave them;
For repenting all past disaster.

This is how the two brothers -
Jagai and Madhai
were saved to resume serving as
Jagananda and Madhavananda Bandopadiyay
(of Jagai and Madhai Ghat)

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