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~NamaAcharya Haridasa Thakur – the Nitya-Mukta~

Kazi say to read Kuraan,
Haridas response - Have read Puraan,
Then what is the need to do Kalmaa,
when Mahamantra cleanses all karmaa!

Kazi threatened that he better cease chanting now;
Or be beaten in twenty two market places,
Yet Nama acharya amazingly chants anyhow;
Singing lords name as beating leaves so many traces!

When a Brahmin offended him in protest,
he contracted ulcerous leprosy within few days,
For vaisnava-aparadha became immediately manifest.
Never to offend a Vaishnava, in Lord’s lotus feet who stays!

Holding Haridas’ body GauraChander dances, in arms raised;
Nama Acharya brings Vaikuntha to wherever he goes.
Everyone who sees, even hears, thus the Supreme Lord praised,
Fortunate are those who get to touch sand of his toes.

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