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~Who can catch Krishna once he runs~

He who makes us all chase him, who can catch him once he runs?
For he who runs at the slightest discomfort of his devotees,
he who runs to enlighten this world,
who takes the leap for us to come back to him,
yet he runs to seek if we can catch him!
What mystery is this?

He who is feared by fear-personified,
yet he runs in fear,
Or does he run to show us how it voids our hearts,
Or does he run to sow that seed of devotion and passion;
as we witness the pastimes as Mother Yashoda runs to catch him.
She leads our way!
She knows she can catch him.

Yes, she shows us that we (true devotee) can catch him once he runs;
For it is unbearable to see him run,
see him getting far, not be able to see him!
Who could bear the separation of distance
or vision or touch or hearing of him?
What cause could there be of being without him?
Yet, he runs!
What mystery is this?

He knows that no one can catch him once he runs,
We know that no one can catch him once he runs,
yet, he is caught in the fine thread of devotion,
and the love of his devotee!
Who can run faster then Krishna!
Yet who would be caught only by love!

Is it a dillusion so casted on us or the illusion cleared!
who takes such leaps and bounds to drown us in ecstacy;
as he illuminates our hearts with sweet love!
What mystery is this?

He who is mighty, boundless, magnificent and magnanimous,
how does he display such pastimes in those little tiny feet,
with big eyes (filled with fear), as he glances back while he runs!
Can he ever be scared by the stick in her hands,
can she ever scare him with the stick in her hand,
Yet he runs in fear - petrified - terrified!
What mystery is this?

Is it the stick he fears or run he enjoys!
Is it the chase he fears or fun he enjoys!
Is it the heated expressions he fears or the passionate chase he enjoys!
In sweet ecstacy, she shows us how to catch him into her arms -
only by her pure love!

Krishna pastimes are full if mystery, hard to understand.
Yet, how is it that his devotees can so simply
achieve the unachievable,
catch the uncatchable!
No doubt that he is no mystery for his devotees, for they just love him.

Mother Yashoda can catch him, once he runs!!!
What mystery is this?
Don't try to understand!
~Just love and feel the boundless ecstasy drowning
you deeper and deeper into sweet pure nectarian love!~

Artwork courtesy of The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc.
www.Krishna.com. Used with Permission

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