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~Yamraj asked about Jagai and Madhai~

Yamraj asked Chitragupta
“How sinful are Jagai and Madhai”
Chitragupta replied in compliance
“One hundred thousand scribes
over a month to describe!”

On having lost all that record,
Now how can anyone accord!
As Lord delivered Jagai and Madhai,
Yamaraj, a staunch religious mahajan,
Faints in ecstasy on hearing of Lord’s mercy on fallen!

Jagai and Madhai now transformed;
what the mercy the lord performed!
Sinners and atheists - fallen animals;
to become brahmachari renunciates,
who could believe, yet everyone appreciates!

On deliverance, Lord Chaitanya turned black,
From their shroud of sins absorbed he spoke back,
“Lift from my body, this sin will enter bodies of those;
Who on my devotees even dares a verbal attack!”

So, everyone sang and danced all night,
For all is sweet and no more freight,
Devotees love all and so do all reciprocate,
For protects them the Lord; dare not provocate!

"Lord Caitanya absorbed the sin of Jagai and Madhai into
His own body. He then said, "Begin Kirtana, then this
black shroud of sin will lift from My body and
enter the bodies of those who criticize the devotees
of the Lord." (M 3.302-303)

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